Sep 26, 2020 @ 14:10

Welcome to Nanny Chit Chat!

This is my first ever post – Scary but exciting 🙂

I have worked in the Childcare sector for the last 20 years and over the years have always found support from nannies at the local playgroups, softplays, playdates etc ,however, when Covid reared its ugly head and the with the reality of Lockdown that all changed. Now being a nanny as all of you well know can be a lonely place in the sense that adult  banter that people take for granted “in the office” you would normally have is non-existent!  Now, ofcourse, there are your nanny whatsapp chat groups but after trawling through the internet to find a nanny orientated website that would reach a wider audience than just your immediate circle of nannies and somewhere where wider group discussions could be had, the exchange of info and ideas, but found nothing! so I decided what the hell, bite the bullet and start one myself.

This is my attempt at creating a community for us, where our voices can be heard, let’s make it fun, informative, interesting a place to share invaluable information.  It’ll only be what we make it – So  please join in, comment, chat, share and most importantly laugh and have fun with it!

I look forward to meeting you all – even if its virtually to start with, but I hope Nanny’s can use this site to start arranging meet up and hang outs.

Thank you for joining!

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