Halloween 2020!
Oct 25, 2020 @ 16:42
jack o'lanternPhoto by David Menidrey on Unsplash

So with Halloween just around the corner and with the new Tier 2 restrictions here in London Trick or Treating is just let’s say going to be a non starter this year! I mean without Trick or Treating which let’s face it for most families is the pinnacle of the whole Halloween experience. well it is for me! (i’m a big kid at heart like that!!) but anyway lets make the best of it!!

Here are some ideas for the Halloween season which may hopefully be of some inspiration to you!

  1. This excellent idea was launched on “This Morning by Holly Willoughby, Tuesday 27th October 2020.  So clearly am not going to take credit for it but thought this was a great idea to share with you all!  The premis of this is that your kids can  still get out and about with all the Halloween garb on and still following COVID safe rules. Every time your little ones spot a pumpkin painting, drawing or poster in your neighbour’s window, mum/nanny/caregiver can reward that child with a treat from their own bucket.. Hey Presto! Its as easy as PUMPKIN pie!!

If your struggling being creative you can download the “Pumpkin Trail” template from the “This morning” website Click Here to Get The This Morning Pumpkin Trail

2. Why not have a zoom themed Halloween party – face paint on! Dress up in your favourite Halloween outfit, incorporate games and songs ( I know I know it isn’t quite the same as a full blown Halloween party but give it a go. We have to think outside of the normal parameters now. you might enjoy it!  (Elizabeth Lusty – runs online choirs for kids and will be running a Spooktacular Zoom Halloween sing a long on Saturday 31st, with fancy dress and bangers like “Monster Mash and Timewarp”.

3.  Halloween Themed Bone Hunt – in your back garden.  For the bones, you can do your own bone cut-out or if your short of time here is a printable for you Click here. You can buy some luminous glow in the dark paper , if you can’t find any, you can buy some on Click here . Glow in the dark acrylic paint is also useful to have for all your  Halloween craft activities Click here

Once you’ve made your bones scatter these outside in the back garden and place your sweets/treats near or on top of said bones. As the afternoons are drawing in a lot earlier you can get the kids to use torches to find them which makes it a bit more exciting. If the weather is dreadful (this is Blighty after all, then you can do this activity indoors and maybe dim the lights and again use your torches to give it a more spooky edge!

4.   If you really can’t be bothered with any of the above then perhaps just watch your favourite Halloween movie with a bowl of popcorn. No one is judging you! ;)) (Honest!!)

Looking for some Halloween Outfit inspiration (ALL UNDER £15). These are just some suggestions which i thought were fun and a bit different!

    1. Glowing Skeleton – Click here for more info
    2. Marvel (Groot  Guardians of the Galaxy) – click here for more info
    3. Halloween Floral Skeleton Fancy Dress – Click here for more info
    4. Disney Cruella Red Dress and Wig – Click here for more info
    5. Ghostbuster Halloween Fancy Dress Costume – click here for more info


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