About Nanny ChitChat

Welcome to Nanny Chit Chat!

Creating This Website Was Scary but exciting 🙂

Hi – My name is Carla and  have worked in Childcare and Nannying for the past 20 years, and have found great comfort and support from other Nannies and group meetings, but during COVID lockdown that all changed …..

        …..No Nanny meets, no soft play and I MISSED it badly, so I started to look around online to see if there was any Nanny specific groups, and I could not find what I wanted, so I though what the hell I am going to start oneI had never done anything like this before, its been a journey and this is my attempt at creating a Community Website for us all, I want it to be Fun, Informative, Sharing, Interesting and somewhere you can just hangout online and Chit Chat with other Nannies.

This website and Community  it’s only going to be what we make it – so please join in, comment, chat, share, laugh – Enjoy

I look forward to meeting you all – even if it’s virtually to start with, but I hope local Nannys can use this site to start arranging meet up and hang outs.


Thank you for joining